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Archangel Michael shelter in El Rahmania, Egypt

Archangel Michael shelter in El Rahmania, Egypt

A new shelter for 2019


Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization is building a New Shelter for the challenged and elderly due to overwhelming demand


Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization is currently building a new shelter, called the “Archangels Michael Shelter,” in Southern Egypt due to the overwhelming need for services for the challenged and elderly in Upper Egypt. The outside work on the shelter is completed and currently work on the inside is underway. The shelter with God’s will, will be completed by April of this year.

Mohsen Isaac, one of the founding members of Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization commented, ”If you have visited Egypt lately or if you still have family there, you must know how expensive the cost of living is.  It rose sharply after liquidation of the US dollar inflation rate of 35%.  Families with seniors or those who are disabled in Upper Egypt are not able to provide minimum needs for them.”

As a result, the number of resident in the current shelter is 120 and is increasing significantly, according to Dr. Isaac.  The current shelter, located in the Village of El Rahmania, is only five floors and is so crowded that six to seven residents reside in one small room.  The shelter takes care of the elderly and challenged of various ages because they either do not have family or their family cannot afford to take care of them.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization provides residents with medicine, clothing and food, and also pays the salaries of the caretakers.  The monthly cost to feed 120 cases had been 35,000 to 40,000 Egyptian pounds (per month).  That cost has risen and is currently 70,000 Egyptian pounds($4,000.00 in US Dollars). The shelter in El Rahmania is the only facility that provides these services in all of Upper Egypt, but it is also servicing four states in Southern Egypt.  “This is why we need to build a new shelter,” said Nevine Isaac, President of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization Board of Directors.

Mrs. Isaac explained,  “The cost to build the new Archangels Michael and Gabriel Shelter is going to be 2.5 million Egyptian Pounds or $142,500.00 in US Dollars.  It will have five floors; the first floor will have a reception area, a cafeteria and a meeting room for prayers.  The other four floors will be for living units.  There will be two units on each floor and they will serve approximately 20 people per unit.  The Archangels Michael and Gabriel Shelter will be able to serve up to 200 residents. It will allow us to take on new cases.  It will also allow us to separate the elderly and disabled into separate floors.  They have different needs, both health care and dietary, and there will be a designated kitchen for the elderly and one for the disabled.”

Mrs. Isaac added, “ We need your prayers and support to make this project become a reality. To become involved or to contribute, please call 1–888–567–6524 or log onto  Your support has helped to feed and shelter the seniors and disabled in Southern Egypt throughout the past year, but there are so many more who need our help.


This past January Dr. Mohsen Isaac, one of the founding members of Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Org., traveled to Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt.  The highlight of the trip for Dr. Isaac was when he visited the shelter in the village of El Rhamania and found some of the seniors and disabled praying the vespers and singing church songs.  Through generous contributions from supporters, our organization was able to adopt 150 senior citizens and senior families.  We are able to provide them with weekly packaged food. We were also able to provide winter coats for them. Dr. Mohsen contributed some of these supplies to the needy in the shelter when he was there. To help in our mission, Archangels Michael and Gabriel Relief is working with the My Little Brother foundation in Egypt. My Little Brother foundation provides the servants who take care of the elderly. They also provide the trucks that distribute the food to the elderly and the elderly families.  The servants also visit them at their homes and pray with them.

A House in El Rahmania village

This project started when Father Elia, and Dr. Isaac’s cousins, Bassem Ashmalla and Mina Morris Saber, were serving Egypt’s seniors. They found that many of the elderly and disabled were becoming a burden for their families and, in many cases, their families were not able to give them the proper care they needed. They decided to rent a small apartment to house and take care of their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Initially, there were three seniors living in this apartment that could only accommodate six to eight residents, maximum.

With God’s help, they started collecting donations from friends and family. At one point, they had only seven Egyptian pounds to pay for the care of the elderly, which was not nearly enough. They became discouraged and prayed that God would provide them with the donations they so desperately needed. That same night, God in all his glory, provided them, through donations, with 7,000 pounds! "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7.

The residents increased very quickly and soon the apartment could no longer accommodate them. They decided to construct a building to house the growing number of seniors. From there, they established a non-profit in Egypt called “My Little Brother”. Since then, Father Elia left town and another priest from El Rahmania village continues to provide spiritual support and service to the seniors. The non-profit “My Little Brother” was established under the name and intercession of Bishop Makarios, who passed away from Qena district in upper Egypt. His intercession is called upon to help with the needs of the service. Also, Afifa Ibrahim, a lady from a very small village called ‘El Rahmania’ in Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt, opened up her home to Sunday school children from El Rhamania and nearby villages. The “My Little Brother” servants teach these children Sunday school and provide them with good meals. Afifa, a very humble and poor lady who made a very small living knitting hats and selling them in the market, donated a small piece of land, which was all she owned, to “My Little Brother”. They used this land to build their new building for the seniors. “A poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything - all she had to live on.” Mark 12:42-44. 

When construction began, there was only 5,000 Egyptian pounds to support it. However, donations would come in everyday to provide for their exact needs for that day. “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.

Now, with God’s help, they have a building with seven floors and are housing 86 cases. God continues to supply them with their daily needs. Many miracles from God happened to help them reach this goal. One of them was truly like the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes. One of their first services was to feed about 50 to 60 of the needy. They only had eight whole chickens and to their surprise everyone was able to eat and refill their plates many times and they also had food leftover!

Dr. Isaac, board member of Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization, went to upper Egypt and was invited by his cousin Bassem to see first-hand the service that “My Little Brother” is providing for the needy and poor in upper Egypt. 

Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization will aid “My Little Brothers” non-profit by providing housing, food and medical support.  They will also help other families in upper Egypt that cannot provide for their elderly or sick family members and also those seniors living alone. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Coptic Relief Organization will do routine evaluations and will check continuous progress on their physical and spiritual well-being.